Boy or girl? Raise money with your Gender Reveal announcement!

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Over $300,000 raised.

By setting up your Gender Reveal Game, your loved ones can start guessing baby’s gender and you can start raising money for your new baby.

How the game works

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You’ll answer a few questions, set your minimum game cost, then pick a prize for one of your loved ones to receive. You can offer some money, a hand-delivered baby picture, or a gift card as a prize.

Share your link

We’ll generate a unique game link for your baby. Share that link with family, friends, your Facebook squad, or the world. Anyone who receives the link can guess the baby’s gender.

Celebrate the reveal

It’s a...! When the baby’s gender is finally revealed, you can celebrate with everyone. One of your family members will win your selected prize, and you’ll also walk away with some additional cash for your new baby.

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What new moms are saying

We was only expecting to raise maybe $100 dollars at most who knew this would generate an extra $800 in funds to go towards our newborn its truly a blessing. THANKS EVERYONE AND THANKS VILLIE!
Jarvis G.

Atlanta, GA

It was a lot of fun getting to do this game with the second baby 
Anastasia Maestas


It was nice and I would use this again
Zaniya Miller


It was beautiful and different having family and friends to participate.
Laquisha Innocent


My game was amazing!
Keeslyng Romero


Wonderful! Everyone had fun!
Abbi Sparks


Pink or blue?
Let them choose!

Nothing’s more exciting than a new baby in the community, so let your loved ones be part of the fun! This interactive game gets everyone involved as they celebrate your new baby.

By setting up your own game, you will:

  • Connect your family and friends as they all guess your baby’s gender
  • Be game-ready in minutes, meaning the votes can start rolling in right away
  • Bring your entire circle together during this exciting time
  • Raise money that you can use to buy things you *actually* need
  • Host a big celebration with your loved ones all over the world

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No payment necessary. It's
100% free to set up.
Setting up your game is completely free. That means all of the money you get from your game is yours to spend. When we say we invest in moms, we mean it.

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Keeping your money safe is our #1 priority.
By partnering with Stripe for payments and using encrypted payment processes, you can rest assured knowing your money is in the best hands. Your hands.

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Everything we do is driven by our mission.
Moms need help. And financial help is huge for new moms. In 2022, our goal is to help US-based and Canadian moms raise 1.5 million dollars for their new babies.

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Our founder is a mom just like you.
Kim Jolasun is a mom on a mission. Based in Atlanta, she wanted to create a platform that gives new moms the money they need without having to ask for it.

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Set up your game and let your loved ones start guessing your baby’s gender.
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