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Gender Reveal Game’s vision is rooted in helping expecting mothers get what they need to thrive in a connected world.
Why should I sign up Gender Reveal Game?
The Gender Reveal Game is a fun way for expectant parents to celebrate their new baby with all of their loved ones. It only takes a few minutes to set up, then everyone can start guessing the baby’s gender. It’s an exciting way to bring everyone together and parents can raise funds to buy what her new baby needs. Truly a win-win for the whole family!
How do you create a game?
Create an account right here, then create a game. With easy-to-follow prompts, you’ll be up and running in minutes. You’ll answer a few questions about your game, including your game’s name, end date, and minimum amount that people can use to guess (our suggestion: ~$10). Then pick a prize for your winner, add welcome text and toss in your registry info. Click finished and you’re totally ready to go. Your game page is up and running.
What should I offer for a prize?
Your options are endless as it’s really whatever you want. Some fun prizes we’ve seen parents offer are a gift card, special present, or gift basket. We’ve also seen cute, sentimental prizes like the chance to help pick their new baby’s middle name.
Can anyone play the game?
Yep! Anyone with the link can play, regardless of where they are in the world.
Is my game private?
Only people with your unique link can access your game. And you can delete or cancel your game at any time. When it comes to your voters, you’re in control.
Can I edit my game once it starts?
Of course! Just click ‘edit’ on your game’s dashboard.
Can I edit the cost per vote once it starts?
Yes, but only until your first vote comes in. We need to be fair so all of your voters have the same opportunity to win your prize.
Can I delete my game?
Yep! Just click ‘Delete Game’ on your game’s page and anyone who made a vote will be refunded. For help with this, contact the Villie team anytime via email ( or text us directly at (833) 495-4638
Can I end my game early?
Yes! You can end your game whenever you want by clicking ‘End Game’ on your game’s page.
Does the game cost anything?
The Gender Reveal Game is 100% free for parents to set up. We do collect a 19% transaction fee from each vote made by voters when they take a guess.
How will I get my funds at the end?
All payments are securely processed through CashApp or Paypal and will be deposited directly into your bank account. Payout options include Paypal or Cashapp. Payouts are sent within 5 days of request.
Are the payments secure?
Yes! We use Stripe and Paypal to process all of your payments. Stripe uses high-security technology to keep payments secure. Click here to read about their dedication to secure transactions
Is there a phone app for this?
You’re welcome to play on your phone, but right now the game is only available through a web browser (ie. Chrome or Safari).
What happens when my game ends?
When the game ends, click ‘Add the Gender’ and you’ll be taken to the game closeout page. You can also add additional info about your baby on this page.
How is the winner chosen?
All of the correct voters have a chance to win. Our system will randomly select one of them and notify both you and the winner when the game ends.
How does the winner get their prize?
You will receive the winner’s contact information after the game, then you can send them your chosen prize.

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