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Villie is focused on family
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We bring the village together to support your baby.

Villie’s mission is to support moms when they’re having a baby. With our innovative product suite, we’re redefining how parents share milestones, ask for needed items and build community around their baby.
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Our Story

Hi there, I’m Kim Jolasun, the founder of Villie.

Here’s the thing...family has the best intentions. They shower you with loud toys, tiny onesies, and way too much advice. But you know what they usually miss? The things you actually need.

As a mom myself, I wanted to help moms get what they need with ease so they can focus on bringing their new baby into the world.

Having a baby is a very emotional process. Mom’s need all of the love and help they can get during this time. What inspired the mission behind Villie was my West African culture. When a woman has a baby there, the entire family surrounds her and showers her with support.

Now, Villie is a digital product hub that connects a woman with her family. This way, her entire community can be involved in her baby’s journey from pregnancy to childhood.

Meet the Team

Kim Jolasun

Kimberly Jolasun is the founder and CEO of Villie. Kim's professional career focused on maternal health or woman-owned, operated businesses with an impact on motherhood.
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Claudia Sandino

Claudia Sandino is the Chief Marketing Officer with nearly a decade of experience in building, leading, and managing large digital teams.

What new moms are saying

"Amazing way to get family and friends involved and raise money and make it fun by having a winner."
Jessica M.
"I absolutely LOVED this game! It was so easy to set up and share with friends, family and supporters on social media."
Christina L.
"I’m high risk and can’t have a baby shower so this will be a huge help for us and a great way for others to win some money as well!"
Shaneka M
"This game is better than a baby shower and has exceeded all our expectations. As an added bonus, you can link any baby registrys that you have!"
Jazzma B.

Baby’s almost here! Let the family cheer.

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